Youtube SEO


Introduction to Youtube
  • Fake vs real subscribers awareness
  • Youtube automation Profitable niches
  • Niche reaserch
  • High earning niches
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword and topic research
  • Find trending topics
  • Setting up your youtube channel
  • Generate a quality script with the help of chatgpt and google bard and other tools
  • Human Type English Ai voices
  • Voice editing
  • Create a title , description and tags with The help of AI in only 10 minutes
  • Single click tags finder
  • Manual Title research
  • Complete video Seo practical
  • Search based content Seo vs Browse based content Seo secret strategy
  • YouTube algorithm kesy work krta hai
  • Audit YouTube channel
  • Complete information about YouTube studio
  • Complete information about Ctr
  • Audience retention
  • Ab testing
  • How to analyze your
  • video performance
  • Channel dead kesy hota hai
  • Copyright strike vs copyright claim and how to avoid them
  • Live channel audit and tips to improve thumbnail and video quality
  • How to solved Reused content issue
Bonus lecture:
  • Create a complete video with the help of Ai
  • Legal and safe method
  • Ai viral Channels secrets
  • Text to Ai image generator
  • Image to Ai animation video Creator
  • Make viral history shorts channel videos
  • YouTube channel monetized kiye bgair pesy kesy kamaye


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